Skill Upgrading

It is not likely for a single person to possess all the skills. Those short comings can be alleviated through learning and training. Manaslu has a very good connection with well qualified and well equipped academic and training institutions. We can arrange for short to mid-term training sessions for our prospective clients as per candidates’ conveniences. Candidates can either take those classes in those training schools or at our premises. For a batch of candidates we can arrange for such training sessions within our spacious office by collaborating with the training schools in our network.

We are conducting crash course for TOEIC Bridge exam for all the selected taxi drivers’ applicants of DUBAI TAXI CORPORATION RTA. It will be 10 – 15 days course where every applicant will have an opportunity to learn about the test format and also practice multiple full length practice tests to have the best preparation for TOEIC Bridge.

All the candidates selected by our clients may or may not have previous overseas work experience in a particular field. So, we conduct a skill up-gradation training program before they leave. We prepare them through vocational training, knowledge and aptitude build-up courses.