Skilled Trade

The construction industry is a huge employer of skilled tradesmen across a wide spectrum of specialties from plumbers and carpenters to bricklayers, electricians and decorators, to name but a few. These occupations are ideal for people who like the idea of working in the sector but are more practical than academically-minded.

Our business associates from the Arab countries are looking for competent skilled tradesman in highly and varied and ranges from working on new buildings to the maintenance of existing ones. On larger jobs, they work in a team, and, depending on the type of work, sometimes deal directly with clients. There’s also the chance to work alongside other occupations.

New entrants to the industry tend to train on the job, through an apprenticeship. To enter the industry in a craft occupation, a good basic education is needed. Craft trainees develop skills using their hands and specialist equipment whilst learning about construction materials and production methods. They will also have the chance to gain qualifications that can take them into technical, supervisory or management occupations.

Recent Demand